Ordering & Producting Processes

1 Quote

1 Client send requests for quotation to Asahi Seiko

  Contact method : E-mail/Fax/Mail/Carrying in
2 Asahi Seiko submits quotation to client.

  Due date : within 24 hours [due date varies according to numbers of blueprint]
  Contact method:E-mail/Fax

2 Order

1 Client order products to Asahi Seiko

  Contact method:E-mail/Fax
   [Advance order is acceptable via Mail/Tel]

2 Order Confirmation

  Asahi Seiko contacts clients via E-mail/Tel/Fax

3 Production

1 Manufacturing process

  Order material  Machining  Welding  Inspection  Packing
  Quality management:Dimensional control by processor ▶ Final inspection by person in charge

2 Check of Blueprint

  Processor checks details of blueprint.
   As soon as omissions or unclear points found, processor will contact client.

3 When Emergency

  If possibility of delivery time delay found due to processing mistake or other problems, we will inform clients status and countermeasure for it as soon as possible.

4 Experiment and delivering

1 Inspection

  Inspect all items. Check scratch and dent. Fill out all measured dimensions on items.
  Pack accepted products and correct/reprocess rejects.

2 Packing

  Put anticorrosive oil [according to material]  Packing with plastic bag  Packing with plastic box

3 Shipping

  Asahi seiko deliver products to clients.

5 Defect response

When defect found after delivery

  Check the status of defects and receive returned item. ▶ 
   Determine whether correct/reprocess the item and redeliver it to the client or not.*
   *If client internally deals with the issue by some reasons such as deadline, cost and so on, client will not have to pay for it.
  We clarify the cause of failure and countermeasure for it to the clients.