Profile of Candidate Sought

Looking ahead to the future, grow up together

Asahi Seiko is looking for ideal candidate as below:

Person who think and act voluntary

Firstly, Asahi Seiko look for  person who can think and act voluntary.
The ability to find and solve problems or ability to propose solution is very important,  like ‘For the reason I would like to take this way’ or ’This task hasn’t yet finished, so I’d better deal with this matter first’.
Currently Asahi Seiko has many things to do as far as the eye can see.
We evaluate person who can think, act voluntary and person who is willing to grow up himself and the company.


Person with prudence

Secondary, the person who can deal with things with prudence is also important.
There is unavoidable tolerance from the level of 0.001mm to 0.0001mm in manufacturing process. Taking care of that, we have to examine the product carefully and stringently. This may also apply to the situation not only when processing but also when reading blueprint because even one tiny error may affect all the process.
Therefore, in manufacturing industry, further accuracy and careful attention are  needed when processing or controlling machine.


Person with quickness

Lastly, we would like person who can act quickly.
Even when replacing materials of change tools, quickness is important.
Although it is difficult to shorten operating time of machine, working time of staff can be shortened. The key to achieve that is ‘how fast you can prepare quickly for machine controlling’ especially when there are much separate items in orders.